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Tianzhu has created an ancient civilization. It is a sacred thing for the Tibetan people to worship the gods, and it is also handed down from generation to generation as a special sacred object for Buddha. Tianzhu carries life and growth in nature, and the Pearl of heaven records the reincarnation of life, proving the merit of great achievements.

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The earliest natural beads were polished from conch fossils. Later, due to the scarcity of fossils, the ancient Tibetans began to use a kind of sedimentary rock containing jade and agate to polish the Pearl. This sedimentary rock has a strong magnetic field, and its natural regular pattern is mainly eyeball, supplemented by triangle and quadrangle, which is said to be able to ward off evil spirits. The finished product highlights the eye makeup pattern, which is an inestimable Buddhist relic. Later, due to the scarcity of Jiuyan stone shale, the Tibetan ancients began to imitate the pattern of sedimentary rocks, and used herbal medicine to mix colors to draw beads on agate, and then fired them at high temperature.

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Tianzhu, also known as "tianyanzhu", is one of the seven treasures. The Tibetan pronunciation of Tianzhu is "dZi", which means beauty, virtue and wealth, while Sanskrit refers to Tianzhu as "ignorance and self embarrassment". The totem of every millennium to pure celestial bead contains mysterious power of blessing. Since ancient times, it has been the most mysterious and holy thing of Buddhism. It is hard for people with profound Buddhism and great blessing to get it. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that one pearl can change fifty good horses. Up to now, Tibetan friends can still take the ancient and pure Tianzhu to the people's Bank of Tibet or the city credit cooperative of bakuo street in Lhasa for financial mortgage loans, and even can directly use them as cash to buy houses and livestock.

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Tianzhu, known as a "miracle" in Tibet, is a mixture of jade, crystal and agate. Produced in the Himalayas, also known as "Everest stone", because of the impact of meteorite, which contains ytterbium element, has a good effect on the treatment of heart disease. In recent years, due to the scarcity of production and the great increase in demand, its price has increased nearly six times. A piece of pearl stone with good quality can buy 12 million yuan.

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The necklace is made up of two three eye beads, two thread beads and a crescent shaped bead. This bead necklace is very exquisite. First of all, the three eye beads symbolize the favorable time, the favorable place and the harmonious people. The third eye means that all the treasures can be produced. It has the benefit of increasing wealth. Secondly, the thread bead means prosperity, incomparable wonder and infinite intelligence. This kind of beads are rare in the collection circle and shooting field. They are very special. This pearl necklace is natural, solemn and steady. There is a layer of oily and waxy moistening on the surface of the bead naturally. It is a fine product with high artistic appreciation value and collection value.


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